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Carrying a bulky promotion book and tearing off paper coupons are a thing of the past! Everything you need is always at your side. It's your phone! Now you'll always have your discount book with you digitally. 


Get the latest news and updates right when your log in. You'll find out about any new campaigns from organizations. You'll also get the latest updates if there is a new promotion or discount available.


Donating to your organization is easy! Help your grandson, niece or family friend get that new uniform for their team. Multiple payment options like a credit card or Venmo make donating easy and fast. Best of all, the organization will have access to the funds as soon as the campaign is over.


Each organization may have unique discounts and promotions available at your favorite restaurants, retailers or entertainment venues.  Purchasing a digital coupon book benefits the organization and you! It's all digital, all you need is your phone. 


See your donation stats in visually-pleasing reports. See your total donations, how many promotions/discounts you took advantage of, how many campaigns you contributed to, total dollar amount of contributions, and much more!


If you have multiple organizations that you donate to, you can simply and easily swap between them. Donate to the organization you intend, and access unique promotions and discounts that may be exclusively available only to that organization.


Are you a competitive philanthropist? You can see where you rank in contributions to an organization. If you prefer to remain anonymous but still want to see where you rank, you can! Just change your community visibility in your personal settings. 

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