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100% Digital Fundraising

Boostfundz helps to raise money and redeem discounts from your phone!

Companion App Coming Soon!

A quick and easy access to your discount coupon book.


Images are simulated, final design subject to change.

Benefit by receiving higher percentages than other fundraising platforms.

BoostFundz makes crowdfunding easy by letting you manage all your campaigns from the web.

Increase revenue and traffic by offering promotions and discounts that benefit both the organization and donors. It's a win-win for everyone!

No more tear off coupons, no more cards to carry! Donors can easily access promotions and discounts from big brands and local businesses.

Easily share your campaigns with friends and family. Track your fundraising goals, and compete with your friends on the leaderboard for prizes and bragging rights!

Interested in making a Few Extra Dollars or making BoostFundz into a Full Time Career?

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